Zippo slim lighter dating datatable rowstate not updating

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Zippo slim lighter dating

The base has three lines of text and is the only uncoded version to carry the Patent Number 2517191.

This is followed by the registered trademark sign ® and the abbreviation "PAT. This page contains details of how I set about dating these lighters and contains valuable information as to what to look for.

If you can add any information please feel free to contact me The factory in Canada opened in 1949 and closed in 2002.

Codes were not used on the lighters until 1987, so we have to look closely at the bottom stamp and the insert to try to determine the date of manufacture.

The appearance of the word "Zippo" in the bottom stamp provides another clue to dating.

The Zippo script logo was developed in the late 40s and was phased-in on the lighter bottom stamp around 1955. Since the 1950s, those markings provide a way to accurately date most Zippo lighters.

The world-famous guarantee that It works or we fix it free™ still covers every Zippo windproof pocket lighter today.

This is why you may see women like Serena dating lighter men.

Comienzo de una ventana de diálogo con navegación por pestañas para abrir una cuenta o acceder a una cuenta ya existente.

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Valuable information on the bottom of every Zippo windproof lighter can help you determine its date of manufacture.