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Kim Bauer was born sixteen years before Day 1, the only child of Jack and Teri Bauer.

Her father was a federal agent, and the job caused a lot of stress on her parents' marriage.

Kim eventually dropped out of high school and became a live-in nanny.

She was responsible for taking care of Megan Matheson, the daughter of Teri's friend and colleague, Carla Matheson.

At the start of Day 8, Kim, her family and Jack all planned to start a new and peaceful life, though she was forced to leave her father to other activities after he was sidetracked into the events of the day.

Kim was outside with Megan when she ran into her father.

Kim tried to avoid Jack and she told him she wasn't ready to see him.

Following the events of Day 4, she started dating clinical psychologist Barry Landes after Jack faked his death and left Kim in the dark; though she briefly reunited with her rediscovered father during Day 5.

By Day 7, Kim was married to Stephen Wesley and had a daughter named Teri.

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When Kim brought Megan back to Carla's home, she became uncomfortable when Gary began to eye her sexually.

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