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The 21-year-old and his friend James Mattock, 29, were found guilty of assault at Chelmsford Crown Court this morning. Tweed and Mattock were accused of instigating an altercation with Daniel Steele, 18, in December 2006.

The judge, Recorder Mark Lurcraft QC, noted that there was evidence that the pair used golf clubs and a spray can as weapons."It was a frightening scene and a traumatic experience," said Lurcraft.

The Lake Eyre catchment accounts for 1.3 million km The Australian continent is unique in a number of ways.

It is the driest, flattest, oldest, it has the most erratic climate of any continent, and much of it experiences great extremes of rainfall both during a year and from year to year.

Jack Tweed – best known for indulging in frequent bar brawls and for being married to the late Big Brother star Jade Goody – is to join a hit TV show.

ITV2 bosses are said to be keen to involve Jack in the show in order to bring some 'fresh blood' to the new series.The soil over much of Australia, especially the dry central parts, have not been renewed by volcanic activity for a very long time and are impoverished compared to soils from most other parts of the world.Another factor in the formation of fertile soils that was absent in Australia was glaciers."You went, it seems to me, with one purpose - to attack and to have a fight."Steele suffered injuries to his head, face and chest.Jurors were informed that Tweed had spoken to Steele shortly before the attack, when he was verbally abused by group of youths.

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The prosecution claimed that Tweed wanted to teach Steele "a lesson".

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