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The din only intensified when Republicans in the House and Senate agreed to include the repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate in the tax bill.

Many fear that the loss of that provision, which holds down premiums by requiring that all Americans obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, spells the beginning of the end for Obamacare itself.

Then came fall and, after weeks of rampant speculation from Maine’s State House to Capitol Hill, her dramatic announcement that she would forgo a race for governor and instead stay in the U. Praised and vilified on both sides of the political divide, jubilant amid the applause yet defiant in the face of negative headlines, Sen. Because of that, she is the Maine Sunday Telegram’s inaugural Mainer of the Year.

Susan Collins dominated Maine’s news landscape like no other throughout one of the most tumultuous years in U. “It has been extremely challenging,” Collins said during a recent interview in her Senate office in Washington, D.

“She had to jump off first,” recalled King, noting the alphabetical order of the roll call, in an interview last month.Would she, as many in her newly expanded base hoped, stand up to leadership in the face of massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, just as she had held her ground with Obamacare?Or would she fall in line with her party and vote out the tax cuts – which she has long supported – even as protesters occupied her offices across Maine and social media once again inundated her with pleas that she stand firm?That moment, graciously passing on the Blaine House while basking in appreciation for her pivotal role in the Senate, would prove the high point of her year.As Republicans in Congress set aside health care and shifted their focus to tax reform, Collins once again found herself under a magnifying glass.

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C., reflecting on a year that was still moving beneath her feet.