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Mani Velmurugan, 28, an Indian national, had posed as a Caucasian to the women he met through an online live chat website called Badoo last year.

Using a photo of a Caucasian for his profile, he told some of them he was from England or Canada and introduced himself as Adam, Mark, Adam Mark or Mark Adam.

I turned to find the elderly man on the other side of the spa, face down on the floor. So I stood astride him, bent over and managed to push him over. He had a deep cut above his eye and he was semi-conscious, moaning with his eyes closed. So what this woman thought as she saw this weeble-wobble woman from behind, crouching over this elderly man's face I will never know.

But by her high pitched, blood curdling scream I got a fair idea. So what what I wanted to say was, get help, in Dutch. I slapped the man round the face trying to revive him.

To be quite honest it was all a bit of an anticlimax.

There was only me and an elderly gentleman in the whole place.

On the way back to my hotel I picked up a bottle of wine.

A district court heard on Thursday that he would send the women nude photographs purportedly of himself and tricked them into sending him their nude pictures and in some cases, things like their passport information.Anyway, I was a sophisticated young single gal, what could go wrong?When I first came to this lovely country, I was mortified at the thought of taking my clothes off in front of anyone other than my husband to be, George Clooney, or a Marks and Spencer bra fitter.I vowed next time I went to a Dutch spa, I would make sure I had someone with me. And I very quickly learned how to use Google Translate...An electrical wireman who threatened to post nude photos of 17 women online if they did not have sex with him was jailed for 32 months on Thursday.

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Me, with my freakishly small earlobes, smooth elbows and hair like a healthy red setter dog. I was also in a job where I was bored to death and needed some serious 'me' time.

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