Tomboy personality dating

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6) India often sees marriage as an end to the woman’s career, where she steps into her traditional role. When I was getting married many people messaged me and told me that they are sad as they feel that I will stop blogging after my wedding.I was shocked to see the number of people who though after the wedding I would just sit at home.People in India don’t understand blogging entirely.Some people think that I shop everyday and other people feel that I am a model or a designer.

This industry is getting saturated and cluttered with people who are here for very vague reasons.

2) We have heard about how your father was a big influence in your life, can you tell us about your other family members?

My dad indeed is my biggest strength and it’s not just him, my whole family supported me in whatever I did.

They pushed me into going beyond my comfort zone and doing things I thought I could never do.

Apart from dad, my mom is a gem of a person who did most of my photoshoots, helped me in designing clothes, and taught me so much. He literally makes every part of my life feel like a fairytale.

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When I started blogging, there were very few bloggers and we did this not because we wanted to earn or get famous but because we really like fashion and styling.