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Discussions of sexuality in Asia and the Pacific have long been tinged with conceptions of the exotic Orient.

Examining a world of erotic encounter between European, Asian, and Pacific people, these essays explore how sexual practices and sexual meanings have been constructed across cultural borders in Thailand, the Philippines, Burma/Myanmar, Japan, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the Polynesian islands.

A Big C supermarket near the Erawan shrine buzzes with Chinese tourists who fill their trolleys with bulk packets Tom Yum Goong flavoured instant noodles, crispy seaweed and dried squid snacks.

Businesses in tourist towns have started printing menus in Chinese and getting workers to learn the language to cater to Chinese tourists, who last year made up more than those from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa combined.

Since 2014, Thailand's military government has occasionally raided brothels, bars, and massage parlours in an effort to clean up the country's image, but they have usually bounced back quickly.Considering sexuality as embedded in a complex social and political world structured and saturated by gender, race, and class relations, these scholars challenge the categories with which sex and gender have been named and studied.They examine these sites of desire through specific historic and cultural circumstances, from the first explorations of Europeans, through colonial power, to the contemporary issues of sexual tourism, prostitution, and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.Major Chinese travel website Tuniu reported that 62 percent of its customers last year were women, Chinese media reported.CHEAP, EASY AND CLOSE TO HOME"I chose to come to Thailand because it's close by, there are many flights, it's cheap to travel and easy to get a visa," said Man Na Zhang, 24, at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine, a favourite spot for Chinese tourists despite a deadly bombing in 2015.

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Expected to support their children, parents and sometimes siblings, some women from disadvantaged parts of Thailand end up working in the country's famous sex industry, which pays much more than most unskilled labor.