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Cam’ron, laughing, pointed his finger at O’Reilly, and, in a singsong voice, unleashed a grievous insult: “You mad.” Cam’ron’s immortal words have since been adopted by the internet at large as the cool, detached comeback to anyone who lets it be known that someone online has gotten to them.

For many (normal) people, being mad is a natural consequence of impassioned debate.

This technique is widely used by minor notable people, who are extremely close to telling their trolls “it seems you have a case of psychology, buddy.” “This is classic projection” is a telltale sign someone is veryamusement.

What it means: Oh, you thought I was actually an unforgivably vile human being?

Totally not mad from the death of his son and destruction of his crops, Pharaoh likely told Moses that he would let the Israelites go.

If anything, the real losers are the ones who are criticizing Precedents: @Will Mc Avoy ACN, an account dedicated to role-playing as a character from the canceled show The Newsroom, absolutely isn’t mad when someone tells him he sucks — if anything, his several tweets written with the breathless gravitas of an Aaron Sorkin screenplay indicate that actually it’s his haters who are Sometimes you don’t need to tell people explicitly that you’re not mad.

Sometimes you just need to let them know how freakin’ great your life is and they’ll understand.

Well, idiot, in fact I was performing a social experiment which exposed you as the bad person.

Clearly you’re too much of an ignoramus to understand the scientific value of screaming the N-word in a debate about videogames.

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Why argue for hours if you’re not going to be emotionally invested in something?

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