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An Interquel manga entitled chronicles the adventures of Onizuka as he hides back in his hometown of Shonan, because he accidentally let it slip on national television that he almost buried a student of his alive.

Luckily for us this means we got to see him in action once again.

This is the perpetually growing list of all the dramas I’ve seen over the last several years.

Hit the individual series links for detailed reviews, or check out my massive post of mini-reviews!

Any time it looks like he’s getting close to a girl, she’s intervened to stop it, convinced she’s the only girl for him.

She fell in love with him in elementary school when he always drank her milk (something he somehow doesn’t remember) and remained in love ever since.

is the story of this (semi-indestructible) man and his continuing attempts to keep from being fired while straightening out the class which has been placed in his care.

This past January Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki played as rivals in the TBS drama ' Tokujo Kabachi!! It seems that their relationship has gone beyond than just being co-stars in a drama.

According to a restaurant manager in Shinjuku, "I don't have the slightest idea why, but somehow Sakurai-kun and Maki-chan have been appearing frequently at a gay bar, and it's also curious that Endo Kenichi is also with them. With bodies touching, Sakurai-kun and Maki-chan seemed like a pair of lovers.

Yet even she realizes what an awful meddling person she’s been, and tells Tachibana she doesn’t deserve to date him. He’s willing to forgive her and suggests she apologize to all the girls she hurt.

Once all is forgiven (Japanese are a forgiving people), Risa and Tachibana are free to date openly…and fin.

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) Sho is super handsome, and Maki is just gorgeous, and yes, they are both extremely dedicated in their work. =) Nope, one of the main rules is Johnny's can't have girlfriends..funny thing is Maki's rumored that her agency prohibits her from dating Johnny's....