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Russian mother and daughter dating

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Sorry folks, but it turns out that this article was a spoof.

But there is another little secret that they want to bring out to the public, and they hope you won’t discriminate against them: They are lesbian lovers. If you know if the story is false, please give us the evidence so we can report that too.

We felt that surely, there couldn’t be anyone seeking to exploit the acceptance of gay marriage by pushing the envelope into inappropriate relationships that occur within the family. The two have a twitter account and they even make regular references to God.

Mary seems to explain the relationship in a pretty rational way.

She says that the two aren’t hurting anybody, and it’s their right to decide that they want to be physical with each other.

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So, the account goes pretty deep to endorse the mother-child “physical bonding” philosophy. They even went to the depths of creating a twitter account with hundreds of tweets and conversations for this couple, and the account is being updated every few minutes.

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