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I researched and met up with many different Debt Resolution/Debt Solvers and tried to work with making monthly lump payments but it wasn’t the correct solution and in the end failed for us.I started researching into solving our Debt problems all over again when I came upon the idea of Debt Settlement…that was the correct solution and something my wife and I should’ve done the year before.

Lower rates = lower interest costs First, the good news: In addition to reducing stress, consolidating your credit card debt onto your mortgage will lower your interest costs.

If you are in financial distress and can't find the funds to pay your bills and creditors are calling you for payment.... I must say that I always ‘do my research’ in every area of life as best as I can so that I make the right purchase the first time.

Well, this was not an area I was even remotely able to make a definitive call on since my wife and I never had any previous debt issues.

A Payday loan may be a method to ensure payments don't fall behind for a brief period while you are getting your financial affairs in order.

If you are about to be charged late fees by one or several of your creditors, or if you are facing a service interruption and reconnection charge without prompt payment, Payday loans may offer you a way to keep your services going...

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For most people the pros far outweigh the cons, after all, once their bankruptcy is done, they are debt free and have the fresh start they need to move forward.

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