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All of the module’s cmdlets have built-in help, so you can use Power Shell’s help cmdlet to learn the details of all of them, such as the parameters and their descriptions, usage examples, etc. To use this cmdlet, provide an owner and a delegate.

You can optionally specify folder permission for Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items; if private items are viewable; if meeting requests are to be received; and the owner’s global handling of meeting requests.

If not loaded into the shell, it will retrieve a list of Exchange servers from Active Directory and attempt to connect to one until successful.

If neither the API nor remoting to Exchange is successful, the module will fail to load, telling you why.

This is necessary to avoid the concurrent pipeline limitation in remote Power Shell.The module requires any version of the EWS Managed API and the Exchange cmdlets via remoting, as detailed below.Upon importing the module, it will check for any version of the EWS Managed API, starting with version 2.0 and working its way back.Senior executives who have been making hollow promises about embracing data-driven strategies need to be convinced that now is the time for real action.Here are some ways that data professionals can gain the support they need.

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The option to set the meeting request delivery scope applies to the owner, not the delegate being added, so it is only necessary to include it if you are adding a delegate and you want to change the current setting. Use this cmdlet to change any settings for an existing delegate (or to change the meeting request delivery scope for the owner).