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First Emails Sending a first-email flirtation has three purposes: 1. Technology should always work for you, not against you.But the truth is that with so many potential matches online, it’s possible that Mr. Right (or Right Now) might not come across your profile.(Trust me, singles do it.) In fact, many e Daters are even savvy enough to spot a generic, template message and get rid of them without so much as a response.

If you’re having a hard time determining a topic for a message, look at passions and keywords.Just as you may experience love at first sight in person, a similar tug at your heartstrings could happen when viewing a match’s pictures.But just because someone’s photos are swoon-worthy doesn’t mean you should skip the rest of their profile—you might be missing out on some vital information (or even a red flag or two).Maybe your profile doesn’t make a cameo until page 10 of their search results.If they sign off after viewing only five pages, they’ll miss you entirely. Vouching for yourself as a qualified match is important.

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