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Marylxiiistalcd Eden'4 ’ that Scnator Mc Dcnnottargucoul Sex"by Klin Kvald? - Drawing tickets distributed 3 times each day, Monday-Friday lor Friday's drawing and 3 times each day, Saturday & Sunday for Sunday's drawing. • for Informalion.-oallt- — TOLL-FRee(8pp)82M103 ' HOTEL V CASINO JACKPOT, NEVADA ' C-4 Tlmes*New3, Twin Falls, Idaho Ffiday, February 1, 1985 1' Doonesbury m r ........ t U) You have to uso much tact in dealing will] ' others today and care in millon of all kind. ■ UEMJNUMay 21 to Juno 21 ) Don't m|tke changes at home wlth(|ut first go Ulhg the approval of kin, and got it hy thouseofdlploniacy. ofcomputcrsrb'ut inanothcrye arrl Tl' Mary Mc Neil, Kim Edge. "learning experience.” I was to click the button when Half of patients take doses wrong be left beliind,” Her son Is 12. It ev‘c;^o Ve“had’Srparag"r5 basalwaysbcenoneofourmorcpow erful weapons of respect. 009 Employment agencies 010 Professional services 015 Babysitters 016 Situations wanted 017 Business opportunities Oiaincome property 020 Money to loan . I used lace dollies for the which is geared to providing health volcano.” care information to consumers, health care professionals and phar- —jnaceutical companies. Isensedlhadpeaked-'' establish your Identity at the Social one day whep 1 volunteered to test •Security Administration. ; ) Twin ^Is, Idaho , ■ , Jajiua^^4^1W,_9;30^^ ^NN 8.

CAROLYN B, BAIRD™ ™ -i Twin Falls ' of Idaho nrc losing tax revenue Oh the raising dlthedrinkinguge'’, and Mary Uusny.n 'wliut are our priorities --Buvlngllvcs orsnv- '^rig lax r6veh Ue? MOON CHILDREN (Juno 22 lo July 2u 4foa -may., have Inner conflict which could foolishly coum you to ‘spoil present set-up, so calm yourself andbepotied, TAURU5(ADr.20t QMfly.2Ql Don't i 1 be loo hasty In coming to decisions LEO (July 22 (0 Aug. You show me a mother who knew how lo con- jugate verbs and I'll show you a mother who could get her garbage - taken out for the next ten years. 021 Money wanted 023 Investment 025 Instruction ■ • . * "1 saw it." she said, "Too bad the dry ice melted." Homework was ohfe of the few areas Another required where we could show off In front of -ourchildren. WASHINGTON (AP)'"— It takes ' As the year's went by. 5th-graderson their reading ability =.-Aju.pciv» Avftlon Sorvko RATURDAY, FIDHUARY-9 Filar Oanaral Stera-^nwlata dltpari Dl Advarlliaman I Pmvory 7 Mpilar • Avttivn larvka J «ATUEDAXJ!

The murder and more serious felony offenders are generally on parole from prison sentences, The average sentence .servt-d by people wlio rej'clve a life ‘.seiiteiiee. « See W QRKm Gm P4»w-Afl — Activities association revdmps AJ, A-2 athletic cldsises “H^r€HHJ84i ARai- t. Utrough-lncreaood rivalry position ho haa one-year doferment/itnnont«ring A-l which s .

Halverson said, runs •Ixml seven years, followisl by a lenglhy parole- period. ,r- r Hlfpllftml and Pocatolh»-l)nj5-«-alngl« con- ^J^ot Vlforonrt Hlnplrfootr Bonn(wino,-lriaho--»l«te,”^Kr H«g oaidrtw quality- 1 77/na6-JVflwi HT/fe J' A mild surpri M. , • , ,i.„ ^ #k- MInleo Athletic Director MIko Erllng. We can help, but most of the effort has to-be from them," he adds.

The question -- wbm and how are ypt lo'piiy t Ve'outraf^'federal debit The banka . but willingly: not (or filthy lucre, but of a ready mind.'' (orth e cases whoreaflnibeiuweftfn’|nd lives were, If rom mnthm i M tt nn tha - . ■ -'•-SAOim Rius (Novrtt to^.-ai)- It may bo that an ossoclato Is acting In a flighty ond Irresponsible manner, but tills will soon change, so be pa- llenl. to work, so, go out for some amuse- ment that Is not expenaiyo.-' PISCKS (Feb. 20) The uttuatlon at iwmo may be difficult, but do nothing Uiot can make It more so; Establish greaierharmdhy: IP YOUH CHILD IS BORN TOt J DAY, ,tttt wm beveiy e SSi^^ and win need proper (Uiedlonj T M argi SK': and fighting with others. Idaho C-5 ' By Hie Los Angetixs Times To assist parents in evaluating movies for family vlewing.-Uie-Los-Angeles Times lisis current movies and indicates areas of content ' ’ Parents carft ^eal with homeworli Somclliing ha.s got to lout homework in this country Parents just can't handle it anymore. (hey wouldn’t grad- -macy,- “These “B plus, and you? MMiarimllh Awdt VANnrlca I Announcements requui^ January session Tho Board of Count V-Comm • iim B^urs D'ant-lo the clerk present. Cpmml Mloners met af thl B’ with all Commissioners and ' 002-Loitl^^uid ; CHECK DAILY .

Ve’a wisdom and/or h Uaedfcallon to - WHli a rnilllonpreimam teenagers each II Chronldee7; MV'|f myppoplo, whlch'ar . I jij5|, T, A2nd.; iii N-«i: ^ , Forster Case Triminer HDdgdon No. v r, ; ' , more work liion you con handle, but It will work systematically. Give choree to do early In life and see that spor U *Passage to India' a worthy li 6 n o/ British empire Friday, Fob'-uaryt. Most of them have tried U ■keep up with (cdinalogy, but tilings are moving too fast. ; FOR CURRENT - HOUND POUND NEWS DUVa WEARALIFETl ME LICENSE POUND DOGS NOW AT THE TWIN FALLS ANIMAL SHELTER ~ LOCATED: ISBSTHAVE.

Ideal lor call operation or dairy silo, Wendell, 572,000.

righrl^work proposal, and putting it Into cf- Lalwr attorneys arguc- • why he and seven of his party col- tion on Ills part. leagues backed themcasurc that has mediatcindlcationoflilsintcnllons. K-Calahio, in dl.sputlng all Hie rlglil-to-workl)ill. and only Delno- criticism of the repeal measure vole- cralic Sens. .5 aardan a D0Li23-513t‘— ^.9.®' *,bd,rm home, arena, can-add.

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NEKRNYON -~~3'hu^hi Md^led Prcss ^ BOISE — 7\f(er a haltle liiat lasted for de- cades, Idaho enacteans vetoed a right-to-work bill, passed by ovenvhetmlng margins earlier, fbe governor blasted “out of -state- interests"- promoting ihe-law-for creating labor In a state where there was little before, Evans' acknowledged (here was little chance Uie heavily Republican legislature would sustain his vclo, and a few hours later, botti- House and Senate voter! Since the bill contained an emergency clause, jt was to go into effect as soon as the paper- work was complete. EZTERMSII barn, mobile, free .water, '52000 down and owner will idealfor slock. *20 ACREB-Pasture, nice 324-7554altor4''"- - ■ Prosldenllal Street.

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