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I had no awareness of any symptoms beforehand and I had believed that I was in good health so the idea that everything was going so wrong was shocking. My partner and I found each other later in life than most of our friends found their great loves and we had been hoping to have a family, I was 38 when we started trying.

We realised after a while that we'd need to do IVF, that this could be tough, and we’d still have to be really lucky to end up with a child.

When you get caught up in the medical processes you just look one stage ahead, and deal with each step as you have to.

It was a frightening situation, every time I met with a medical person and heard news the situation got worse and I wasn’t sure where I was going to end up.

I realised the possibility of what might be happening before my partner.

It felt very surreal when we were actually told the news that I had ovarian cancer.

I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in April 2000 whilst 7 months pregnant with my second child.

My only apparent symptoms were slightly slurred speech, weakness and muscle wasting in my left arm; they appeared suddenly in February that year and I thought perhaps I'd had a mini stroke.

Looking back I've realised that my very first symptom, emotional lability, started around April 1999.

Because I was 40 it was difficult, if I had been younger they would have automatically looked at fertility saving surgery - my surgical team were happy to consider this though the reality was that the chemo that I needed would be likely to stop my remaining ovary from working.

There was so much to weigh up in terms of surgical options, fertility and the consequences of the treatments and decisions were enormous.

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The oncology team retested and found invasive cells.