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While in the program the buprenorphine is titrated as necessary.Upon completion of the program the patient is referred to the buprenorphine clinic in conjunction with a psychosocial program.I will discuss long term strategies including MAT, NA and other treatment options.Even with patients who present to the PER frequently, I always spend time discussing the importance of a solid foundation of recovery and the need for MAT.If the patient is unwilling to attend the 21-day program, and buprenorphine is initiated in the PER, the patient is discharged from the PER and seen daily in the outpatient detox/stabilization clinic until an appointment is available in the buprenorphine clinic.Given the resources at the VA we are able to initiate buprenorphine in the PER with confidence that a plan on the backend is achievable.In my mind, I may be the last physician that this patient sees alive.I am very aggressive when discussing the severity of the illness and the critical need for treatment.

Are you seeing meth or cocaine emergencies and/or overdoses? Methamphetamine is not a common drug of abuse in this region of the country.

When a patient has already required a Narcan reversal (and hence nearly died) they are high risk for this to occur again. We generally refer to opioid overdoses as accidental, but do you have an idea of what percentage of the patients are depressed, wanted to die, or had passive suicidal ideation?

Do you formally evaluate them for concurrent psychiatric illness at some time after you save their lives?

Typically for detox, the patient is transferred to a local detox facility that the VA contracts with.

You have worked in both the inpatient and residential drug free drug programs and now Yale in ED and MAT, can you give me a sense of what lessons you have learned from each and how each might have a role and limitations?

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