Is he married or dating someone else

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featuring six individuals visiting the US on K-1 visas, which give them 90 days to either marry their significant other, or pack their bags and head back home.As you might imagine, these relationships often cause friends and family members (and TV viewers) to question the motives of those who might just be in it for their green card, and no other Season 2 couple has raised more eyebrows than Danielle and Mohamed.Forum Member We got married July 9 and we need to fill papers out for adjustment of staus, but I lost my job the end of May so we are having some fincial problems. Ideally you should file as soon as possible which means being able to pay the applicable fees and possibly have a co-sponsor for the I-864 Affidavit of Support I-864.How long can you wait to do the the adjustment of status paper work. Danielle We got married July 9 and have had some money issues, is it ok for spouse to do odd jobs making some cash like mowing lawns or things like that to help get money for adjustment of status? Danielle and Mohamed got married on July 9, which is verified by this online K-1 visa tracker: UPDATE – We’ve also done some research and discovered for sure whether or not Danielle and Mohamed’s co-stars Danny and Amy (from South Africa) have tied the knot! Oh, and we’ve also got the scoop on Chelsea and her Nicaraguan pop star fiance Yamir!

If you’ve met a man who shouts, screams and verbally abuses people, stay well away from him.

While it’s impossible to find the absolute perfect man (we’ve looked, he doesn’t exist) that doesn’t mean you should drop your standards and marry a guy who has annoyingly bad habits. Habits are things we’ve learned to do over the years; they’re ingrained in our behaviour and we do them automatically. He’s Full Of Excuses He can’t just give you a straight answer for why he let you down, and instead resorts to his Big Book Of Boyfriend Excuses.

For a man to be marriage material, he has to be completely the right man for you. Not only can they annoy you, but it’s also practically impossible to get a man to change his ways. Each time he makes an excuse, he’s displaying his immaturity to you. Excuses are the resort of children – and you want to marry a man, not a child.

******** SPOILER ALERT ******** During the K-1 visa application process, Danielle made several posts in an online forum for people going through the process, and she eventually spilled the beans on whether or not they got married (as well as some financial issues she was dealing with). We are in administrative processing its been 6 weeks when we check website there has been a update every week.

We both are getting frustrated we want to be together and start our life. How long can they keep you in adminstrative processing?

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Here is the intro video to the couple: Mohamed is from Tunisia and if you search for “Tunisia men marriage” in Google images the results are a little disconcerting in that there are several featuring younger, Tunisian who have married women from other countries.

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