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While I’m consistently building on my feminine qualities, I felt—at that time—that my drive, my strength, and achievements were offsetting whatever femininity I had—and in a way, my “appeal” and “draw” towards men.

I felt sad and conflicted because it seemed that I was making myself increasingly unappealing to men by virtue of every step I took in my career and growth.

Since my early 20s (I’m 28 at this point of writing), I’ve been regarded as a “power woman”.

I can understand the source of these comments, for I’ve achieved certain noteworthy milestones in my life.

Depending on how things go, I’m possibly going on another long trip this year, scouring places like India, South Africa, and South America.

You can say that these “accomplishments” are atypical of an average person, much less a girl from Singapore.

Carroll tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm, "Every woman in America who is watching has been told, because she's independent, because she earns a little money and she doesn't need a man: you're intimidating.

Some friends have gone as far as to tell me that I’m the smartest / most capable person they’ve ever met, which I think is the biggest compliment anyone can ever receive.

I’ve constantly been described as “smart”, “intelligent”, “courageous”, “driven”, “powerful”, “strong”, “highly developed”, “capable”, “intellectual”, “career-driven”, and at times, “fearless”.

Nothing big like earning one million or one billion dollars, but still things I’m proud to have achieved nonetheless.

For example, in school, I was a Dean’s Lister and graduated top in my specialization of Marketing.

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Or give him a mental challenge: Ask him what you were wearing on your first date, or who the quarterbacks are in the Super Bowl. Can I allow my friends to meet him if he's wearing that shirt? This is an extremely petty form of romantic one-upsmanship and so intimidating because the guy will quickly (in about two seconds) grasp the fact that you are not responding to HIM, but are just sizing him up, and this hurts the guy's feelings. Don't Lose Your Mystery Don't constantly yammer away about your feelings, or pester him about how he's "feeling," and most important don't leap into bed too quickly.

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