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I could tell that the guy was getting close and her boyfriend told her to swallow all of his cum.At one moment she was stroking her boyfriend while sucking the strangers cock and she ended up taking both of them into her mouth at the same time.Years ago I went to an adult bookstore in the area, hoping to find a woman at the glory hole.I noticed a line outside one of the booths which was a sure sign that a woman or couple were in the adjoining booth.Got a freakishly wicked sex story to share with you.I am a sinfully sexy and very adventurous sister who likes to push the envelope when it comes to the most forbidden aspects of sexuality. I love the BDSM lifestyle, and I am happy to say that I am a proud black female dominant. Maitresse Shante is the moniker I go by in the Ottawa BDSM scene. White males are arrogant and filthy, and as a dominant black female it's my duty to treat them like shit whenever I can.Blake Tremblay, a middle-aged white male of French Canadian descent is one of my favorite slaves.This Quebec flag-wearing rural French Canadian bozo loves to rail against immigration, but he's secretly turned on by black women.

Should I stick my cock through and let her suck it? After a brief pause I quickly stood up zipped up my pants and hurried out of the booth and hustle my way out to my car and drove away. Five-foot-nine, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin, a thick Afro and a nice, big brown butt, that's me in a nutshell.

I still could not see her face but everything else about her was beautiful and perfect.

Finally the stranger shot his load into her mouth and it must have been a big load because it made her cough a bit and gag and her boyfriend reach down and just held the back of her head making sure she didn't remove her mouth from his cock.

Devon is six feet two inches tall, muscular and dark-skinned, manly and sexy like only a black man can be.

I met Devon Garrett last year while he was visiting his sister Michelle at my school.

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My cock was dripping pre cum, and I had to slow down my stroke motions so I wouldn't shoot my load too soon.