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Free teenager emo cam chat

Some describe it as a cult or a sect, but in reality the term — derived fromthe word "emotional" — encapsulates a trend that is becoming hugely popularamong Britain's schoolchildren.

A trans-Atlantic import, its followers dress in black, favouring tight jeans, T-shirts, studded belts and sneakers or skater shoes. American bands such as My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte and Blink 182 are particular favourites. " On the surface, it all sounds typically teenage — angst-ridden,over-dramatic and tribal. No different, in fact, to the Goth subculturethat first emerged in Britainduring the early 1980s.

"I do getteased for being an emo becausesome people at school think it's justabout suicide and self-harm.

"But I think you would have to bedepressed already to self-harm —and I'm not depressed."I like going out dressed in emoclothes because it causes a stir.

Why on earth did their daughter — a popular, intelligent and attractive girl — do such a thing?

They could find only one clue: Hannah was what is known as an "emo".

In the unending bleakness of the weeks that have followed, the couple have fought to make sense of what happened.

In both periods, there weremore than three times as manyadmissions of girls as of boys.

Crucially, those who self-harm aremore likely to go on to attempt suicide.

"I was a punkrocker for a while, and he reassuredme it was probably just a phasethat Levi would grow out of.

"But I don't feel it is like the punk rockmovement.

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