European union dating site

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European union dating site

The European date format is something that creates a lot of confusion with visitors from the US.Being essentially ‘backwards’ by American standards, European date format can cause mix ups and problems with everything from arranging meeting times to running software.The term controversy may be appropriate insofar as "relativists" often complain about not being able to decode the "absolute" way of telling the time, resulting in missed appointments etc.

As such the third of December would be written as ‘12/03/2010’.On some radio stations, announcers regularly give the current time on both forms, as in "Es ist jetzt vierzehn Uhr einundfünfzig; neun Minuten vor drei" ("It is now fourteen fifty-one; nine minutes to three").There are two variants of the 12-hour clock used in spoken German regarding quarterly fractions of the current hour.Besides that, in Hungary the big-endian year-month-day order, has been traditionally used.In 1995, also in Germany, the traditional notation was replaced in the DIN 5008 standard, which defines common typographic conventions, with the ISO 8601 notation (e.g., “1991-12-31”), and becoming the prescribed date format in Germany since 1996-05-01.

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The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) adopted ISO 8601 with EN 28601, now EN ISO 8601.

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