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This file can be downloaded from A few days ago, Microsoft also released a VS2008 SP1 Hotfix to support all Java Script files including j Query intellisense for Visual Studio 2008.

Note that this hotfix works only if you have VS 2008 with SP1 or Visual Web Developer Express Edition with SP1.

Barely a few weeks after the announcement, Microsoft during the PDC event (held in the last week of October), announced that Visual Studio 2008 now supports j Query Intellisense through an additional file available from j Query.You just need to keep both the runtime library and the documentation file next to each other. My Blogs - https://and https://My Books - Interview Questions and Answers Books- Get Your Book in 15 Digital Stores Worldwide..You can download the Hotfix from Note: Since you have applied the hotfix, you do not have to manually add a reference to the jquery-1.2.6file in your page.Once the reference to the runtime library has been added, Visual Studio automatically searches for the ‘vsdoc’ file and loads it.

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