Drake equation applied dating

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Then it always leads to total species extinction due to the inevitable escalation of weapons development!

His main argument has to do with Try to see the importance of this argument for what we will discuss in Chapter 10. What if we are totally alone in this gigantic universe?

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Note that although the focus of this chapter is on the possibility that there are other intelligent creatures in the universe besides the human species, the title of this chapter is Darwin's Universe Revisited.

That said you should understand the two basic arguments for and against the possibility of ICs.

Probably the best summary is the debate between Ernst Mayr and Carl Sagan mentioned in footnotes 11 and 12.

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This is so, because if we are going to speculate about extraterrestrial intelligent life, then we have to use our best science (astronomy, chemistry, biology, and physics) as a basis for this speculation.

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