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Dating sites playa del carmen

Architecturally reminiscent of one of Mexico's finest haciendas, the resort welcomes couples, families, friends and colleagues to the warm Caribbean breezes and azure seas of the Riviera Maya.Special features at the Gran Porto Resort include Family Suites with bunk beds and extra space for up to 5 total guests, the expansive SPAreal – a full-service spa and hydrotherapy zone, the complimentary Oki® Kids Club, and the T-Zone for Teens.When we booked it online we were asked if we wanted insurance.I declined, because I know my auto insurance covers rentals.Upon returning the car at the airport in Cancun (without getting into any accidents), your staff at that location decided to do a super thorough inspection- inspecting both the inside, the outside, and even the bottom underside of the car.We were then told that we would be charged for a small scratch on the underside of the car near the tire (where your Playa del Carmen staff didn't even remotely check) as well as for a missing antenna because despite the radio not working and the antenna clearly being missing from the beginning, the Playa del Carmen staff didn't go back and mark the paper like they told us they would for the missing antenna.We asked to speak to a supervisor and were told that we would have to wait another hour because our issue wasn't a priority.

2- If you are totally booked or sold out, don`t offer cars till you have they available.

When you park in Mexico, door dings are a very, very common occurrence.

When we took the car back, the inspector picked them out and I have a feeling if we didn't have full coverage, they would have wanted us to pay for them. I would have liked the low upfront cost, but the final cost ended up being so much higher that it actually just makes sense to go with a rental car company with better cars, a slightly higher price, and better customer service.

My biggest problem, however, comes with your staff that I had to deal with on site in Cancun.

They were absolutely unqualified and disrespectful. Each time calmly asked them to explain the charges to us, they continued to laugh and speak over us to each other.

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The car was new, clean and ready to go (only had 3/4 of a tank of gas - make note of this).

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