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Be Good, kcbuck Hi, i emailed PRS and this is the reply, are you still able to help RE valuation of said guitar?thaanks in advance, regards Rich Hi Rich, Thank you for writing PRS Guitars.I just bought one at a pawn shop serial number 2 15798 it's multi colored double humm pick ups?

It was a personal appellation given to a male infant on his day of lustration. I have been doing my research on PRS serial numbers pre factory etc but i am at a bit of a loss.I do collect guitars mostly acoustic, Taylor etc however i live in Qatar in the Middle east, and last saturday the local Rugby Club here raffles off guitars (please this is not a joke), i bought one raffle ticket which cost me around 8 dollars and won the guitar.In the earliest period, praenomina had female versions, which often end in -a (thus, Larthia for Larth).By the time of the historically attested Republic, women no longer normally had praenomina.

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Regards, kcbuck Hi thank you very much for your reply. not sure on model name but it maybe comparing to others a Custom 22?

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