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"It was a cool thing to add to the dating atmosphere," he said.

"Still up to this day, a lot of people meet here for the first time or have first dates here.

It's "baloney" to claim that online dating has undermined interpersonal relationships, says Rosenfeld, who considers the Craigslist posts to be a "direct analog for ...

personals that we used to see in weekly newspapers." These in-person encounters are the only way to "get a sense of if the person is as tall as they say, if they're going to laugh at your jokes and how their breath smells.""If you want to meet somebody, you have to go where other people are," he added. coffeehouse, used to have a missed-connections website, too.

"When those opportunities slip away, it's easy for guys to feel regretful and make amends for it by going to the platform," Edwards said, referring to Missed Connections.

Edwards shared Gambrell's sentiment in wishing the Craigslist users would have just asked for a phone number when they saw or interacted with the person, rather than posting online about it later.

Lin doesn't know if she'll hear from him, but that didn't stop her from dreaming up her own romantic comedy. C., resident walked past a tall, bespectacled man outside a cafe a few weeks ago, and they exchanged glances.

The first wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but the second? The serendipity of the moment led Lin to post on Craigslist, describing the guy's plaid shirt and partially dyed blond hair.

"Specifically with guys, we always try to find the perfect opportunity where we have the best chance of getting a positive response from someone we want to talk to."Sometimes, there's a professional barrier."It's almost like clinging to the possibility that a meet-cute can still happen. Yes, I used Craigslist for online dating, and YES you can find ANYTHING on there. Craigslist yielded the most results, and they were all pretty normal people. But frankly, no matter what site you're on, they're gonna be after that if they can get it.A week later, she pulled up the Missed Connections page to see if he had posted anything about their chance meeting. "It described the interaction and was like, 'Let's meet up. "We did, and it was lovely." Though the two are just friends now, Crantz hasn't entirely ruled out the site.It's still fun to scroll through, she said, "like people-watching but different.""In this swipe culture, it's real in a way that some other interactions aren't," she added.

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"You feel like going through the screen and asking someone why they didn't."Thomas Edwards - who works as a "professional wingman" who trains people to approach potential love interests in person - isn't surprised by these statistics.