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Soldiers returned home to a hostile environment as many citizens did not support the war.

Men began leaving coins at headstones of fallen comrades to signify to the family that they had stopped by to pay respects without making matters worse.

Even in modern times, this tradition is kept alive from culture to culture.

Veterans and active members have been known to leave challenge coins if they were comrades-in-arms of the deceased.

Cemetery workers will eventually collect the coins and use them as donations for maintenance and to fund burial costs for other veterans.

With only three months left before his much-awaited departure back to the planet where he came from, he would meet Steffi Chavez (Jennylyn Mercado), an over-confident famous Filipino star who all of a sudden becomes his adjacent condominium neighbor.

Bit by bit, he finds himself mischievously entwined in her crazy and unpredictable situations, and realizes that she looks like the teenage girl he cared for and fell in love with back in the 1500s.

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A soldier or veteran who attended boot camp with the deceased will typically leave a nickel, while those who served in combat with them will leave behind a dime.

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