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The most notable parts of it that are still standing are the presbytery arch and small window in the chancel, both with round arches made from roughly hewn stone in a medieval style.

This scholar analysed a precious etching of the city published in O.Amongst the numerous cities and architecture of historical and aesthetic value in Angola, M’Banza Kongo, formerly known as São Salvador do Congo, is a highlight.M’Banza Kongo is in Angola’s northern province of Zaire.It was finished in around 1492 and was initially dedicated to St Mary, then to the Holy Cross, and became a cathedral in 1547.The Jesuits, who had since arrived in the Congo in 1548, built three churches in Ambasse and its outskirts, the first of which was the church of S.

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A Jesuit school with a library was founded in 1621.

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