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Meeting the legal requirements Each country has its own requirements governing marriage and they may be quite different to Irish requirements.Contact the civil registration office in your country of marriage to get more information.If the marriage doesn’t take place within six months, you'll have to apply for a new MRF if you still intend to get married.For further information, the follow links are useful: General Registration office: Civil & Humanist Ceremonies In addition to the above legal requirements, each type of wedding ceremony whether it’s Catholic, Civil or Humanist will have their own set of tasks and requirements you’ll need to tackle.Depending on the type of ceremony you’re opting for, there can be heaps of paperwork to get your head around so the sooner you tackle this more practical stuff, the better.We cannot stress how important these documents and steps are – it can be crazy confusing but they’re essential steps and in some cases are legal requirements. To help you get started, firstly we’ve got a list of what you’ll need for the state (or legal side of things) followed by a breakdown of what you’ll need for each type of wedding ceremony in Ireland whether you’re planning a church, civil or humanist ceremony.

A New Long Form of Baptismal Cert: You’ll need a copy of your baptismal cert from the church where you were baptised.

If you are considering entering into a civil partnership abroad you should contact Consular Division in Dublin for further information on between 10-12 (Monday- Friday).

Further information is available from the Department of Justice and Equality

Registering your marriage If you marry abroad, it will only be recognised in Ireland if it is entered on the civil register of the country where the ceremony took place and provided all legal formalities have been followed.

Civil partnerships Following the introduction of the Marriages Act 2015, you should note that with effect from , civil partnerships or civil unions from outside the jurisdiction will no longer be recognised in Ireland.

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Civil Partnerships entered into before in another jurisdiction (under Section 5 of the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010) will be recognised as civil partners in Ireland.

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