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Dating for ex mormons

The Daily Beast recently published an article featuring an interview with Sue Emmett, who is the president of the Ex Mormon Foundation and the direct descendent of Brigham Young.

Sue talked about her experience as a Mormon woman with clarity, insight, and compassion.

We live three hours from my brother - in the three years since we moved to Texas, we have visited my brother a dozen times, during which he pokes fun at my husband’s vegetarianism, oblivious to the irony of mocking a Hindu’s dietary restrictions when as a Mormon he abstains from coffee, tea, and alcohol.

On the rare occasion he visits our home, he feels comfortable bringing meat with him, when my husband and I refrain from bringing coffee into his home.

I want my family to listen when I tell them who I am as a person.

When I left Mormonism, my LDS wife divorced me and moved back home to Utah to live with her LDS family.

Last year, I read the book “Heaven Up Here” by John Williams.

I was astonished by his honesty in chronicling his mission experience.

I had a difficult exit process - I first started questioning Mormonism when I was fifteen and I stopped believing when I was sixteen, when I was still living under my parents’ roof.

I survived for two years by concealing my unbelief.

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