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The week of the inauguration we actually saw the largest amount of new profiles being created.There’s been so much dialogue about politics in the community, even between our team.

It also allows users to report profiles that are made by straight men or straight couples looking for a threesome, two common occurrences on apps not specific to queer people. Exton: Four years ago, the online dating industry was very different.

According to a bond recommendation, Toney tried to solicit child pornography from these women and made numerous online searches for child pornography.

Toney, who is currently on probation for felonious distribution of a controlled substance, has been charged with promoting child pornography and sodomy, court documents show.

No one understood what LGBT life was like for women.

The diverse, exciting queer community I was seeing at bars and events wasn’t available online. How exactly did your project differ from other popular apps at the time?

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Of course, that doesn't mean that queer women have to stick to meeting a new love interest in lesbian bars (which are dying, anyway).

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