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But, after plugging my stock 1957 Strat into both units and a 60's Fender Super Reverb, the TS-9/808 sounds better than the old Ibanez TS-808.

I can't wait to try this through my 50 watt Plexi head and cab since the Super is a bit thin for my taste.

I'm kind of surprised that yours sounds SO much better, since mine does have the correct chip in it.

So there must be quite a few of those other little hoogens and striped doohickies that's you're swappin' out in thar. A bit later he also said: I had a gig with my trio tonight and my guitar buddies said my tone was better with the new Tube Screamer. I A/B'd yours and mine on a miked up amp, but later compared them again with my rig, and I could hear the difference even more.

My TS-9 sounds like cardboard compared to yours....

See the SILVER MOD page for more feedback from Scott from a message on my answering machine.

The TS-808 is a smoother, richer sound with less harshness in the high end.

It is more transparent and allows more of the guitar's true tone and your playing to come through. It is a subtle difference but it's enough that TS-808s are going for 0 and I can sell as many old TS-808s as I can get.

Unfortunately, the more time I spent with it, the more I disliked it and I stored it away until I recently was turned on to Analog Man and your excellent reputation for mods.Scott use the TS9/808 on his (August 02) CD Well to the Bone, on tracks 1,5,6 and 9.On tracks 1 and 9, he ran it into a Roger Mayer Voodoo-1 pedal to boost it even more.The "distortion" issue of GUITAR PLAYER in October '92 mentioned this, and interviewed Eric Johnson. said that he "went through about 15 of them before he found a couple that he liked".What is the difference in sound between an TS-9 and a TS-808???

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