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Numerous independent researchers have long argued that there is evidence man and dinosaur once walked the Earth together, such as hundreds of ancient artworks and artifacts that appear to depict dinosaurs, long before modern science had pieced together dinosaur fossils and conducted analyses to produce detailed reconstructions of their appearance.However, even more intriguing is the discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur this whole idea of it being a triceratops from 32k Years ago is vanquished.

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The Triceratops brow horn was excavated in May 2012 and stored at the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.

The Museum, which has since 2005 been in cooperation with the Paleochronology Group, a team of consultants in geology, paleontology, chemistry, engineering, and education, sent a sample of the outer portion of the Triceratops brow horn to Head of the Paleochronology Group Hugh Miller, at his request, in order to carry out Carbon-14 dating.

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