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Since land prices are high in many communities, and Amish population growth is strong, farming is not as feasible an option for Amish as it once was.For many Missouri Amish, furniture making is an attractive choice that allows the family to work together, at a manageable cost of entry.The Amish woodworking business Visiting an Amish woodworking shop, you’ll probably notice the non-descript nature of the place.

Due in part to this common-sense, bottom-line approach to expenses, Amish are able to produce quality furniture at a reasonable price.

Furniture making offers Amish in Missouri and other states a way of making a living at a relatively low initial investment (with the expense of setting up a small furniture workshop typically exceeded by the cost of a farm).

Though farming is generally seen by Amish as the ideal occupation, furniture making has come to be seen as a good substitute.

Owners Robert Mistler and John Williams source their furniture from Amish manufacturers in three states. The Amish Furniture main listings feature a directory of Amish furniture sellers across North America.

Note to Missouri residents: Please be sure to check opening hours of any Amish furniture businesses listed in this guide before traveling long distances.

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