Cause of interracial dating

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Cause of interracial dating

The truth is that many people rush in to interracial marriages without stopping to think of the effects on their families.

This paper wasn't written to dissuade anyone from marrying someone of a different ethnicity or religion, only to inform them of what could (and does) happen....

Interracial dating and marrying is described as the dating or marrying of two people of different races, and it is becoming much more common to do so....

However, despite years of desegregation, social and cultural differences still exist.One of these differences that still exists is in the institution of marriage.Americans have been and are continually moving slowly away from segregation.The Loving’s violated Virginia law when the couple got married in Washington D. The couple returns to their home in Central Point, Virginia. [tags: interracial marriages legislation] - In today’s society the high influx of interracial marriages between Black and White individuals has resulted in the biracial population increasing significantly over the past 30 years (Roth, 2005).In the early morning hours of July 11, 1958, the Loving’s were awakened by local county sheriff and deputies, acting on an anonymous tip, burst into their bedroom. According to the 2010 census, the number of American children that categorize themselves as biracial has increased to 4.2 million, making it the quickest emergent youth group in the United States (Census, 2010).

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[tags: discrimination, social challenges] - Interracial couples as well as same sex couples face many of the same controversial problems and dilemmas, however, not many differences could be seen between the values of these couples regardless of their generations.