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Cass b dating

But I ended up first like they hacked into my phone and my everything and I ended up going to the police because at the I literally just made the cover of the Lakers Girls calendar, which was kind of a big deal because they only had two calendars, I was like the cover girl or whatever.' as if I didn't know, and he's like, 'this shoot for this Enzo and Cass thing.' "So I just thought it was just I'm like this little extra and I was the chick that provided them with the hair removal cream.I was like this hair dresser they were putting me as, and then I think it was one of the writers that were there to film, he's like, 'oh ya, this is important because at the end of the segment that we were filming they ended up spilling hair removal cream on a poodle and the poodle lost his hair and they needed to make sure I got this line in saying, "oh my gosh you guys you're gonna get me fired." So they're like, 'you need to say that because that's whats gonna end up building up to your debut.You're not, I see more in you, you have more potential and you're gonna be fine on your own." The moment she found out she was going to debut: "Enzo had this hair vs hair match against Sylvester Lefort in NXT for Take Over and they needed to film this vignette for him getting this hair removal cream that was gonna take Sylvester's hair off.So they had that and I remember Cass told me, 'oh ya, we had to film this stuff tomorrow for this thing and then Bill De Mott came up to me at the Performance Center and said, 'oh hey, do you know we need you for this shoot tomorrow.' I'm like, 'what shoot?

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Like he's like a night owl and I like to go to bed and we just have our own ways of doing things.

But it's so nice to miss him and it's so nice like when I get home on Wednesdays when he picks me up from the airport.

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They said they couldn't say the company and they couldn't say what it was for, but it was something like if you had experience in any sort of boxing or this and that, and I had boxed all the time and [an] athletic background, I'm thinking, 'okay well whatever this is I know I'd be great at it because I have an athletic background and I know about boxing.' So I was like, 'OK, let me see,' and then they ended up telling me it was for WWE.

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