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Brekman dating

He tries to talk Freedman down to a shorter “Soak Andy” segment, and even though Freedman playfully chides Breckman about his extensive house renovation, they ultimately agree to a four-minute soaking period.During that time, Breckman insults every person who calls in except for his wife, Beth, who makes a pledge just to get his goat.And of course he’s willing—albeit reluctantly—to have a nipple pierced to help a good cause.“How about we do a navel and an ear and then a nipple?During the colder months, his outfit consists of a stained corduroy blazer over a wrinkled, unbuttoned shirt and T-shirt, and a pair of cargo pants.But unlike Monk, Breckman is willing to shake things up in big ways.

“What if the cousin finds the DNA lab, then blows it up at the end of act two?

“Come on, guys, let me stab this guy,” Ernie says on the air after enduring a series of Breckman’s insults. It’s a creative outlet for him, satisfying a desire that dates back to his years as a writer and performer of comedic folk songs.

Alas, the piercing never materializes because the show falls short of the fund-raising goal. “This radio show scratches that itch once a week,” he says.

He and the writers are breaking down episode seven of the sixth season of the USA Network show, outlining each act.

Things aren’t coming together in act three—so much so that act two, which they thought was done, is starting to fall apart, too.

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At the station, about half an hour before , he isn’t Andy Breckman, neurotic-but-friendly comedy writer; he’s Andy Breckman, arrogant foil to Freedman’s nice guy.