Being friends after dating

Posted by / 19-May-2017 18:44

Being friends with an ex is a complicated decision that can go both ways.On one hand, life could be perfect even after the breakup.Favorite color, candy bar, type of cheese- but that’s it.On the other hand, if he’s available and wants to date you, well that’s a different story…

Sharing things you don’t share with very many people (fears, struggles, past hurts, hopes, dreams, joys)– Guys, if you’re doing these things with a girl, don’t be surprised if she gets all heart eyes emoji over you.

Girls, if you’re doing these things with a guy, then don’t be surprised if he thinks you want to date him. You are probably really charming and attractive, and it’s making you irresistible.

But you’re probably also boyfriending him when he’s not your boyfriend, or leading her on when you don’t want her as a girlfriend, so stop.

He had been thinking the two of us were going to date because .

It was because I had been letting him meet all sorts of emotional needs and treating him like my boyfriend when he wasn’t.

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You’re diving into deeper intimacy together without any commitment.