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Automatic updating android apps

Since many of the applications are either in beta stages or in Release candidate stages the updates are sure to know the doors of your phone.So let’s check out that how you can turn off this irritant by turning off the automatic updates for the apps in the Google’s Android Market Place.I'm on Verizon, with a Stock 4.2.2 Galaxy Note 3, non-rooted. ETA: I rebooted my phone, and the ability to check/uncheck auto-update with the soft menu is back. I do not have automatic updates activated, but i like to use the "update all" button in the play store.Is there a way to disable the listing of Google Maps in "Updates"? I don't think you can disable that display in Google logo " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-489" src=" alt="android logo" width="197" height="122" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 197px) 100vw, 197px" /Are you tired of frequent updates for all your Apps installed on your Android device?Then it’s time to switch off the automatic notifications which becomes an irritant sometimes.

Thanks for any answers at this point, and this is my first post here btw, please be kind.

As it is now, I have to selectively update each individual app from the list, skipping the few apps I do not want updated. Menu: My Apps Under Installed, locate any app that you wish to change and select it, this opens the App Details page. Still trying to confirm this condition: Seems that if you manually update an app that is not set to auto-update, it will possibly reset the auto-update flag to 'Enabled' Originally Posted by implodeme Actually yes,... I'd suggest making backups of your apps (Titanium BU or other).

Open Play Store Menu: Settings Enable Auto Updates (Mine is set to when on WIFI only) Go back to main Play store page.

But I just checked again, wanting to take advantage of that, and it didn't come up any more.

Can anybody confirm that this functionality is gone again? I have Google Maps 7.5.0 installed, therefore it's listed in "Updates" all the time.

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It knows what apps you have and will let you know when there is an update for them, whether you want to know or not! Originally Posted by speedlever I don't think you can disable that display in Google Play. But the new version of the app is not working for me and if I hit the updated-all button on accident, I have to reverse the app again.

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