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Fast forward to 2017, and the industry has changed so much, the arrival of social media has massively altered all aspects of the job, and I for one could never have predicted how important it would become – I guess none of us knew hey.

But in a way I feel the biggest change for me is, simply that there’s so much more. You are passionate about your music, did you always know you want to try yourself as a singer and songwriter as well?

There’s just so much more of everything, and by this I mean more brands, more creativity, more competitiveness, more work, more opportunity, more studios, more photographers, more models, more innovation and… It’s been a compelling 10 years, and things continue to shift and change across the industry with quite some speed. My entire foray into music, began really with taking a chance.

What do you think is the most important trait for longevity of a model’s career? I’ve always been really into my music, brought up listening to world music by my Mum and encouraged to pick up the guitar by my Dad.

The beginning of the song is always easy for me, but working with other collaborators is always the best way to stay focused and inspired. there are always dreams, and still a few clients it would be an honour to work for.

Are there any artists and musicians you would like to collaborate with on a song? You are the face of Paco Rabanne fragrance since 2008, and you worked also on campaigns for Diesel, Chanel, Tommy and many more, is there any dream modelling job out there you’d still want to get? I have to say my most memorable shoot – was maybe shooting with Bruce Weber and Kate Moss when I was 17 years old!

He’s dating a freaking model, you would think he’d learn something about taking a half-decent picture by osmosis. (S)he hasn’t even said anything about dating Rembrandt on any social media sites and none of Andrej’s fans seemed to know for sure about them dating.

How do you even know if Andrej had a boyfriend before? She likes to keep things private, but on their personal facebooks, they’re openly dating.

I was spotted by a model scout and singed with Models 1 when I has just turned 16.

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Things just kept on falling into place, and now it’s such a massive part of my life and who I am.

Music is therapy, madness, and joy all rolled into one. they are two totally different worlds; worlds full of different people, equally complex in their own way. She was 3 years older than me, and in the same school [gasps and laughs]. New music and new campaigns will be out soon, I’m excited about 2017, as well a terrified for the world as we know it (re: TRUMP) but…

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I’ll be VERY surprised if he stays off camera in her upcoming reality show.