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Langston says users gravitate toward the “swipe friendly” dating apps because the services are “cheap and easy.” But Langston says there’s one thing Tinder and Bumble will never have on e Harmony: 16 years worth of rich data.Unlike the location-based dating apps, e Harmony’s matches are determined by a slimmed-down version of its original questionnaire—it now features 150 questions.With a completion rate of 80%, the site charges members monthly subscriptions that cost up to .95.Perhaps most interesting is what the dating site does with the data.So if your Plenty of Fish headline is: “Could you be right for my alt-lite? I’ve had messages that ask gobsmacked questions such as: “Are you really a Brexit voting Trump supporter?” don’t be surprised when the only messages you get are from disgusting fat wombats who have no redeeming features whatsoever. ” It’s the kind of consternation you would expect to hear from someone asking if there are really inter-dimensional child molesters running the world.

That hard-to-imagine prospect was e Harmony’s reality when it first launched 16 years ago.Over an hour of my life was wasted in this vain crusade trying to explain to her how she is wrong.Her comments quickly deteriorated into typical childish insults only morons use, like: “You talk a load of bollocks.” And the typical lefty response: “He’s vile, racist, sexist…” and every other ‘ist’ word that exists.e Harmony’s in-house psychologists and data scientists feed that information into machine learning algorithms that help match compatible users.“That data lets us optimize the site and the process for a number of variables,” Langston says.

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Polyamory, as well as other non-traditional ways of structuring relationships, are increasingly common among all cross-sections of society.

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